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Message from Founding President of PACTALS

Matthew Kiernan
Founding President, PACTALS
University of Sydney

On behalf of the the Pan-Asian Consortium for the Treatment and Research in ALS (PACTALS), along with Professor Nortina Shahrizaila, A/Professor Rabani Remli and their scientific program committee, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s PACTALS International symposium which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

While the Asian region incorporates the largest cohort of ALS patients worldwide, knowledge of the disease remains relatively limited. Differences in phenotypes and underlying genotypic changes may appear relatively unique within Asian populations. With this in mind, our Asia-Pacific working group of patients, clinicians and neuroscience researchers now known as PACTALS, was established in 2014, and continues to grow in strength.

Following our successful meetings in Korea and Japan, with record numbers of registrants, the 2023 symposium in Malaysia represents a key initiative to promote discovery and improved therapies for ALS, as well as raising disease awareness.

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