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EMG workshop

14 September 2023
0800-0830 Registration
0830-0920 EMG Waveform Analysis including quantitative EMG (with demonstration) Sanjeev NANDEDKAR, United States
0920-1030 Beyond the anterior horn cell
0920-0940 Electrodiagnostic Approach to Neuromuscular junction disorders Khean-Jin GOH, Malaysia
0940-1000 Electrodiagnostic Approach to Peripheral Neuropathies Steve Chen-Fei NG, Malaysia
1000-1020 Electrodiagnostic Approach to Myopathies  Josiah CHAI, Singapore
1020-1030 Q&A
1030–1100 Tea Break
1100-1130 The ALS diagnostic criteria and scores (including ALSFRS-R) and the role of electrophysiological studies in these Jeremy SHEFNER, United States
1130-1300 Approach to the diagnosis of MND, its variants and mimics: Case Presentations with panel discussion  Jeremy SHEFNER, United States
Josiah CHAI, Singapore
Khean-Jin GOH, Malaysia
Steve VUCIC, Australia
1300-1400 Lunch 
1400-1500 Neurophysiological Biomarkers in ALS/MND: Motor unit number analysis (MUNE/MUNIX/MUSIX) (with demonstration) Sanjeev NANDEDKAR, United States
1500-1530 Late responses - demonstration of H and F reflexes 
1530-1600 Tea Break
1600-1630 Evaluating the neuromuscular junction: Demonstration of repetitive nerve stimulation and Single Fibre EMG  Sanjeev NANDEDKAR, United States
1630-1700 Closing remarks
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